Activate Affirmation Cards & Pouch - Blue Lace Agate

Activate Affirmation Cards and Handmade Embroidered Pouch.


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Activate Affirmations include 24 value cards with specially crafted illustrations and messages. The cards come in a hand-made natural linen and cotton pouch with embroidery and crystal details, each one is unique and holds its own essence. There is enough space for you to add your own special trinkets and oils.

Laiika Affirmations differ from most oracle or tarot cards as they ask you to become familiar with the pictures and messages then write your own affirmations or reminders. Once you have activated your cards carry them in your bag and use them any time you need to come back to yourself and remind you of your own unique power.

Blue lace agate is a very gentle crystal that allows you communicate your truth. It a great stone to help relax those in times of stress.